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What is a TPD Claim?

TPD stands for ‘Total and Permanent Disability’. Many insurance and superannuation policies have a total and permanent disability insurance component. If you have TPD insurance, and have suffered an injury or illness, you may be…

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Are you or your business owed money?

What is the quickest and cheapest way of recovering a bad debt? What are the best techniques for recovering a bad debt? How do you maximise your chances of recovering a bad debt? If communication…

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5 Ways to Challenge a Will

There are many ways to challenge a Will.  If a Will is successfully challenged, a Will can be set aside or varied – which can change who gets what in a deceased estate. The main…

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Do you have a personal injury claim?

People often do not realise that they have a personal injury claim! There are all sorts of potential claims.  Perhaps you were involved in a motor accident or a work accident.  Or you suffered injury…

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Can you Challenge a Will?

A Will can be challenged for all sorts of reasons.  For instance, a Will may be a fraud.  The person making the Will may have been the subject of undue influence.  Or perhaps the person…

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Pierre Hawach quoted in ‘The Daily Telegraph’

Pierre Hawach of McAuley Hawach Lawyers was quoted in this morning’s ‘The Daily Telegraph’. Read more at: