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The importance of being crystal clear

The High Court on 4 March 2015 handed down a unanimous judgment in the case of Korda v Australian Executor Trustees (SA) Limited. The case is important because it highlights the various factors that a…

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De facto relationships: When does one exist?

Parties to a relationship may have differing views as to what stage their relationship is at and the level of commitment each party has towards their relationship. One party to a relationship may be content…

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Make your opponent pay all your legal costs

An important part of running Court cases is maximising the chances of your opponent paying your legal costs. Recovery of legal costs A successful party to litigation, in NSW, generally only recovers, at best, 60%…

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Coward Punch Laws

The NSW government has introduced into parliament new laws in response to lethal punches which have taken place in Sydney’s CBD and King’s Cross areas, in an attempt to curb drug and alcohol fuelled violence….

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Spousal Maintenance

It is fairly common in relationships for a party to be the primary breadwinner and be responsible for providing financial support to the other party and/or to the children. In extreme cases the financially dependent…