Central Coast Lawyers & Solicitors

Our team of Central Coast lawyers are leaders in the legal profession and in the Central Coast community. At our Central Coast law firm, we are committed to ensuring that the people of Central Coast have ready access to quality legal advice which is results-focused, cost effective and practical.

We have recognised that there is a lack of quality of Central Coast law firms which has led to our expansion in 2020 to the Central Coast. We are passionate about the Central Coast and its future. The Central Coast is blessed with stunning natural landscapes and a cultural and historical heritage to match.

We understand that finding a lawyer you can trust and who has specialist knowledge can be difficult. We also understand that working out whether you have a claim can be challenging. For this reason, our Central Coast lawyers offer a free, no obligation, first consultation in relation to most matters.

Our Central Coast clients range from individuals to Central Coast family-owned businesses, small-medium sized Central Coast enterprises and subsidiaries of major multinationals in the Central Coast region.

We ensure that each Central Coast client benefits from our expertise and aim to achieve great results with the use of our experience, vision and commitment to innovation.

Our Central Coast team provides legal advice and practices primarily in the following legal areas:

  • Commercial Law
  • Compensation Law
  • Family Law
  • Wills and estates disputes

Commercial Law

Our Central Coast commercial law team can assist you in pursuing and solving the most complex, to the most straight forward, commercial, property and insolvency matter. Steve McAuley is the Head of Dispute Resolution and is a Law Society of NSW Accredited Specialist Commercial Litigation. Steve McAuley is also a Councillor of the Law Society of New South Wales.

Compensation Law

Our Central Coast compensation lawyers have settled countless compensation claims in a timely and efficient manner. The trauma of suffering a life changing personal injury can be compounded by not having excellent legal advice. Our team of Central Coast compensation lawyers are there for you when you suffer an injury and will guide you through the process with a results-focused approach.

Our Central Coast compensation lawyers are recognised as ‘Top 3 Compensation Lawyers in Central Coast’ by Three Best Rated. This award is just recognition of all the hard work our Central Coast Compensation lawyers have done in the Central Coast recently.

Family Law

Our Central Coast family law are highly experienced, approachable, focused on achieving great results, and delivering a first class level of service. Pierre Hawach leads our Family Law team and is a Law Society of NSW Accredited Specialist Family Law and was recently named in the Doyles guide of family lawyers as a recommended family lawyer.

Wills and estates disputes

Our wills, probate and estate lawyers at Central Coast lawyers provide excellent legal services to the Central Coast community.

Our Central Coast team also have expertise in a range of deceased estate matters including challenging Wills and defending estates. We also assist clients with financial management and guardianship matters.

Our Central Coast lawyers recognise that it is important to have a Will, particularly when you have assets. Your Will should also be kept up to date, particularly if you marry, divorce or a loved one passes. Having an Enduring Power of Attorney and Enduring Guardian can help ensure that you and your affairs are looked after.

Our experienced Central Coast lawyers quickly assess the real issues in every matter and provide practical advice.