Administrative Law

Do you feel like you have been treated unfairly by your local council, government agency, department or another body including a professional or other body?

Did someone make a very bad decision that has affected your lifestyle, finances, work opportunities, happiness or enjoyment of life?

Are you upset that no one has listened to your side of the story, and that no one gave you the chance to present your case before that bad decision was made by a decision-maker?

Perhaps your professional body has made a decision adverse to you.

Or perhaps you may find that your local council has suddenly made a decision to (without informing you) re-zone your land from mixed commercial use to residential use, meaning you can no longer use that land for business purposes.

Or perhaps the Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority has suddenly reduced the trading hours of your pub without giving you proper notice or reasons.

We can be your voice. We will stand up and appeal against the unfairness of the decision that was made against you. We can represent your interests and take those who have treated you unfairly to Court.

Many people do not know that this is actually an area of law called Administrative Law, which usually covers decisions made by government officials, departments, authorities, ministers or employees.

However Administrative Law can also cover the internal decision-making of an organisation that has its own set of rules, such as a church or charity. Administrative Law can even be used to review the assessment of a medical assessor who finds against you when you are seeking compensation against an insurer.

Therefore, Administrative Law can be a very powerful tool if used properly. Please talk to us so that we can help you. We help clients on both sides of the fence.

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