Defamation and Reputation Management

Your reputation and credibility are invaluable assets that are arguably the foundation blocks for setting you up in life.

Having a good and clean reputation can lead to new business and networking opportunities.

Your reputation also has ramifications for your social standing and how people or companies perceive you.

All it takes is one bad word to ruin everything.

If your reputation is tainted, depending on the extent of the damage, this can lead to a worsened quality of life and limited lifestyle options. People who would ordinarily deal with you before the damage occurred may no longer want to associate with you. If the damage is severe, it can even affect your family and those close to you.

Damage to reputation does not necessarily have to take the form of speaking disparaging comments over the television or radio. For example, your reputation can easily be destroyed by a couple of emails or social media messages sent to those important to you. Also, someone could draw or make a fake picture of you and spread it around, including by publishing it in a newspaper or magazine.

Have people published or spoken false things about you? Do you feel that this has ruined your professional or social image?

We will act on your behalf to fix the problem. We will limit the damage and take appropriate, and sensible steps to ensure that your reputation is restored as far as is possible. And if required, we will take those responsible to court.

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