Wills & Estates Disputes

Wills and Estates Disputes

If you need to make a Will, administer an estate or challenge one, we can assist. Our expert lawyers can assist you in planning your future to ensure your loved ones are cared for.

Wills and Estate Planning

Our wills, probate and estate lawyers at McAuley Hawach Lawyers in Parramatta provide excellent legal services to Parramatta, Sydney and beyond.

We offer a range of services from simple Wills, Powers of Attorney, and Enduring Guardianships to more complex estate probate applications.

Our lawyers are down to earth and provide legal advice that you can understand without the jargon.

We understand that succession planning is not just about making a Will. It is about ensuring that the right assets end up with the right people at the appropriate time.

Estates can be complex and every estate is different. This is particularly so in modern families and when businesses are involved.

There can be disputes which arise given the varied and competing interests of the family members.

We assist with:

  • Administration of your estate 
  • Defending or making claims upon an estate 
  • Keeping safe custody of your Will 
  • Preparing Powers of Attorney 
  • Preparing Enduring Guardianship appointments 
  • Setting up various trusts
Estate Planning

Making a Will is something everyone must consider. 

For many this can be a simple process and for others it can be more complicated.

Estates are essential in ensuring peace of mind particularly given life circumstances changing whether that be family or financial.

We are experienced at ensuring that despite unique family structures, we can achieve the desired outcome for our clients.

We are always conscious of minimising the risk for potential conflict and competing interests and attempt to ensure adequate safeguards are in place.

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Estate Administration

The grieving process is never easy. It is not helped by added stress and concern regarding finalising financial affairs and distributing the assets of the deceased in accordance with their Will.

If there is no Will then the estate will have to be distributed in accordance with the applicable laws.

We are mindful to be as efficient as possible and cost effective in estate administration. We appreciate that our clients are grieving throughout the administration process and we strive to be sensitive to these issues.

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Wills and Estate Litigation

Our experience assists us when estates and wills are disputed. Our extensive litigation experience is invaluable when matters concern:

  1. Contested estates
  2. Disputed wills 
  3. Family provision
  4. Other estate disputes


Our experience means that we can quickly assess the real issues in every matter and provide practical advice.

Issues such as capacity and undue influence can be complicated. It is in these situations where our experience is of tremendous assistance to our clients.

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